A Summer’s Beginning

Summer…the season, the break, the bearer of typically good weather! And for many it all begins in June! School ends and ensues the days full of trips, relaxation, work, and sleep. For the most part you can do whatever sounds good.

My summers have usually been quite dull, only filled with the annual events and not so spontaneous. Normally I would spend my day watching YouTube or TV, and maybe a little reading or drawing but nothing like a usual “teen summer”. My friends would always be busy, and my family never really had the time or planning for quick and fun trips, even to just the river. I will make it clear that I’ve always had good summers, the annual fishing derby with my dad, 4th of July is always fun, my birthday where we go to the coast for the weekend! But what glosses my summers are the days of boredom, nowhere I can go, and nothing appealing to do… And that is why this summer is already awesome!

Let’s start from the start!

On Thursday, June 15, right after school got out my friends and I went to Yogurt Hut, it was great!


The weekend was filled with relaxation, some shopping, cooking, art, movies, sleep, chores, reading, registering for the derby and getting my fishing license, and enjoying a father’s day dinner of Alaskan smoked salmon Cesar salad!


And then it was TUESDAY!!!! The day of the JET SKIS!! Where my amazing boyfriend and his parents invited me to Willow lake with them to go jet skiing!!! And my boyfriend also gave me this gorgeous sterling silver turtle necklace!😇🐢

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Wednesday 21st: My day contained Casey Neistat Vlogs, receiving my report card and having proud parents, cooking part of dinner, and relaxing.

Thursday 22nd: My dad and I went shopping for our fishing derby, followed by a stop at Taco Bell when I discovered that the bell looks like an evil eyeball… We registered our boat, and then my sister and niece came over. My dad and I worked on our boat until my boyfriend, Joe, got off work and then him and I went on a nice dusk walk! With Dutch Bros!

The weekend of the fishing derby!! Friday, when my dad got off work we headed to Diamond lake! Once we were there we waited for my God-brother, Nick, and his son to get there! Meanwhile after setting up camp my dad dropped a hatchet/mini ax on himself while chopping wood, we used baby wipes, toilet paper, and electrical tape to fix him up!

Saturday was the day of the actual derby and the only person to catch a fish (the whole weekend) was my dad about ten minutes into us fishing, before the sun had even come up! We still had a lot of fun, my dad got a hilarious sun burn, and we went to the pizza parlor at the lake afterwards! And we tried to go up to a nearby mountain where Nick’s dad’s ashes were spread but there were snow patches up there on the road and there was no way of getting past them! After that we went back on the lake for an afternoon fishing trip but no one caught anything and it got too choppy for us to stay out there. Then we went back to camp and had more pizza and s’mores!

On Sunday we left camp and got on the water just after sunrise and stayed out for a few hours with the goal of getting Nick’s son a fish! But once more, no fish were caught. So we all went back to camp and packed up, as it was our last day. My dad and I left last and came home after the two hour drive! We had a ton of fun, lots of laughter, and an overall good time. When we got home and after Joe got off work him and I went on a walk and the rest of the night was dedicated to relaxing.

The next day, Monday the 26th, I was dead tired and slept in until 11:30! And then that evening Joe, my parents, and I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2!! And we had caramel M&Ms in our popcorn, it was delicious! You should try it, and then thank Joe.


Then came Tuesday the 27th… the second trip of jet skiing!!! My morning started with a a nice hot bath and was followed by hopping in the truck with Joe and his parents to go to Emigrant lake! We rode jet skis, floated on floaties, and had a wonderful and awesome time!!

Wednesday the 28th: I had a fantastic morning!! Some delicious tea and toast in the morning and watched The Flash with Joe! Then I did my chores and my sister stopped by! Also my dog, Chewy decided to wear my mom’s shorts! I watched some Neistat vlogs and picked a name for this blog! Afterwards I went shopping with my dad and got some water shoes for myself so I don’t loose my flip flops to the merciless lake! We ate Arby’s once we were home and I worked on designing this blog! And then I watched The Flash with Joe and relaxed the rest of the night!

Thursday aka Yesterday! I woke up and had some delicious cereal and watched the blooper reel from The Flash S1, it was hilarious! And I spend the rest of my day messing with this blog, looking at themes, working on my first post, and in the evening helping Joe with his and then relaxing and watching The Flash. (If you haven’t noticed I love the show and I HIGHLY recommend!!)

Finally…. TODAY!!! Friday!! The 30th! The LAST day of June! My day started with a bowl of cereal and some Casey Neistat vlogs (in case you’re wondering Joe challenged me to watch all of them this summer…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED), I’ve done my usual chores, cooked part of dinner, watched more vlogs, and when my amazing boyfriend gets off work we will watch the flash and relax the rest of the night!




Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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