I believe the adventure is in the journey and the destination but the true adventure is from who you are with and what you choose to do on your journey and its destination. If your adventure is driving to the store with your bff then the drive there is your journey and your adventure could be singing obnoxiously to the songs you both know, and the adventure in your destination could be dancing like a five year old in the frozen produce isle. It is what you make of it.

Another kind of adventure is the spontaneous one. Say on you’re on your way to the store with your bff and just in that very second you both decide to take a wrong turn and see where it leads and let a whole new adventure unfold, an unforeseen and unplanned adventure.

The beauty of adventures are that in a way you have a power over them but also you have no control once soever. Your life is an adventure. Your visit to the post office to pick up a package is an adventure. Everything unknown is an adventure to you. Your next breath is an adventure. Don’t take your adventures for granted. If you go across the world or simply take one step, an adventure is an adventure and all of them matter.



Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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