July 1st🌸

It’s July 1st and a typically beautiful day of summer! This is how mine has gone…😱

I woke up and had a delicious peanut butter bagel with some tea! I then took a nice shower! After a vlog or two I went and listened to some kpop while doing the dishes! With Joe’s legacy to fulfill (he’s at work💪) I set out to the group chat to organize a movie trip with our friends, of which I do believe I successfully accomplished! This was followed by me eventually going outside and deciding to try something new, I haven’t thought of a “catchy” name for it so I’ll just refer to it as my Daily Photography!

Have a wonderful June 1st everyone! Oh and by the way I live in Oregon!!






Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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