July 6th๐ŸŒบ

Hi there guys! Let’s dive right in!๐ŸŠ

My morning began with some danish pastry things and chatting with my mom even thought I was definitely not awake enough for that! Then I went and did the magical dishes! After that my dad got home and I spent some time talking to him and my brother! A little while later I set out for a Daily Photography Adventure! When I came back my beloved cat threw up and I, being her wonderful Cat Mum, cleaned it up! And after some Casey Neistat vlogs and talking to my Joe, I had leftover pork with my dad and it was even more delicious than it was the day before!





Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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