July 7th, 8th, & 9th🌺

Friday the 7th: I was woken up at 7:10 by my mother… for our dog, Chewy’s Groomer’s appointment at 8:30! So then we dropped him off and went to Dutch Bros where a got a delicious Picture Perfect Freeze! Followed by a trip to Fred Meyers where we spent a couple hours shopping until we got the call that Chewy was ready to be picked up! So we picked him up and went home!

At home I watched a couple Casey Neistat vlogs and then did the dishes! Afterwards I moved my winter clothes for my summer ones and then it was time for dinner of hotdogs! Later I washed and dried my clothes and watched some more vlogs!

Saturday the 8th: I got up and had a shower right off the bat! Followed by my breakfast of an apple, a Babybel, a cinnamon horn Danish, and some sweet tea with some vlogs. Afterwards I did my chores and watched some vlogs. I watched the end of a movie with my dad and then went out to take some pictures. We had hot dogs once again for dinner. A little while later my dad and I went to Sonic, brought Joe one and chatted with him and his dad for a while then went home! The rest of my night was spent enjoying The Flash with Joe!

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Sunday the 9th: Awoken by my 10:30am alarm to ensure I don’t sleep away my day I had a good morning call and then set off for my breakfast! A breakfast of an Apple Cinnamon English muffin and a BabyBel cheese, accompanied by an episode of The Flash with my baii!

Following Joe’s departure to work I took a shower, did some photography and then back inside to do the dishes! After a tad bit of relaxtion my dad made some delicious pork and I make some stuffing and we had dinner! During and after dinner we watched National Geographic’s Earth Live, it was really stunning! And the rest of my night will be spent watching The Flash with Joe!




Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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