July 10th🌷

My day began with a wonderful morning call with a wonderful person and some peanut butter Apple Cinnamon English muffins! 

Following this I had a small bowl of cereal with some more Casey Neistat Vlogs, today I hit Vlog_070. Then I repainted my toenails because it is summer. I watched some more Casey Neistat vlogs and had leftover pork and some sweet tea for lunch! Later on my crazy cat, or as my mom would say “loco gato”, managed to get into a shoe box the my mom put in Spider’s sunbathing spot!

Following this I went and did the dishes and some laundry and I had an amazing lunch break call with Joe! After that I took a shower, had macaroni for dinner, and then I cleaned the cat box and took out the trash. Then I went out and did some Daily Photography while messing around with different settings on my camera! Then my dad and I went through all 1,660 of his game camera’s pictures, including lots of deer, raccoons, fauns, and baby raccoons, and some cats.

After that I had a sweet and soothing evening call with Joe while he waited for the last golf cart, at his work, to return!

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Author: Toni

Hi. I like: iced coffee, books, anime, doodling, writing, thinking, photography, editing stuff, hiking, movies, running, and drinking white-grape peach juice from a wine glass while stroking SPIDER CAt while watching Netflix. It's great.

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