A Summer’s Beginning

Summer…the season, the break, the bearer of typically good weather! And for many it all begins in June! School ends and ensues the days full of trips, relaxation, work, and sleep. For the most part you can do whatever sounds good.

My summers have usually been quite dull, only filled with the annual events and not so spontaneous. Normally I would spend my day watching YouTube or TV, and maybe a little reading or drawing but nothing like a usual “teen summer”. My friends would always be busy, and my family never really had the time or planning for quick and fun trips, even to just the river. I will make it clear that I’ve always had good summers, the annual fishing derby with my dad, 4th of July is always fun, my birthday where we go to the coast for the weekend! But what glosses my summers are the days of boredom, nowhere I can go, and nothing appealing to do… And that is why this summer is already awesome!

Let’s start from the start!

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